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PlasDeck is the only synthetic teak decking made in North America, And Superior Textiles are the manufacturers in Canada. Have your new Deck in as little as a week! Plasdeck is a permanent, glue down, teak alternative decking, that is durable, long lasting, easy to clean and has NO maintenance.

DIY- Save Money

Why pay someone for something you could do yourself? We are happy to show you how to pattern and install your own PlasDeck.


Better Adhesion

Testing has proved that having a flat surface on the underside of PlasDeck offers better adhesion while using less adhesive than grooved designs. Earlier products are more prone to premature release as it is difficult to ensure all the areas of the grooved design are evenly filled with glue. this can create voids that trap air and moisture under the material and causes bubbles during expansion when warmed.

Antifungal Inhibitors

Mold and mildew can and will grow in all wet environments. HOWEVER, with PlasDeck's anti-fungal additive, mold and mildew will mash off without staining your deck.


All PlasDeck products are very tough but we recommend that you treat them like a real teak deck. That means you should try to avoid dragging your anchor across the material and leave the spiked golf shoes at home. HOWEVER, should you scratch or scuff your deck you can easily sand out the blemish with 40 grit sandpaper.

UV Protection

PlasDeck uses the very best UV protection available, which is the same automotive-grade UV protection found in modern automotive plastics. The UV protection goes all the way through the material to stop fading. PlasDeck has long lasting good looks.

Non-Migrating plasticizers

All types of plastic contains oils or "Plasticizers". These oils are usually free to move around within the plastic. They will migrate to the surface where they can be washed away, or the plasticizers will migrate to the bottom of the material and compromise the glue bond.

The oils in PlasDeck PVC plastic will not migrate because the oils are locked in place. That means that the Plasdeck won't dry out, crack or crumble over time, and PlasDeck will retain its superior adhesion. This proprietary process is unique to PlasDeck decking material and can't be found in other synthetic decking products on the market. The PlasDeck company has been awarded two U.S. Patents.

PlasDeck has over 20 color choices!

Superior Textiles is now carrying ....

The NEW Eco Series makes PlasDeck as customizable as TexDeck! You can now have the texture, look and durability of

PlasDeck with the personalization of TexDeck. Have you boat name/logo cut into your new PlasDeck floor with PlasDeck

Eco Series.

PlasDeck is made of recycled Plastic