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Customer Testimonials

We love our customer feedback and we know you will too, which is why we feel its important to share. Every service professional believes in their own talents in their trade and we are no exception but its always great when we hear it from others too and we know it will help you make a confident decision when choosing your a tradesman for your boat or automotive interior or top project.

Please read the following testimonials from just a few of our satisfied clientele. For those of you observing this page whom have worked with us in the past we invite you to fill out the form to the right to send your feedback our way!

Your feedback helps us become the best business we can be!

"I just had a new top designed by Steve and all I can say is WOW. When Steve fabricates a top for your boat its unlike those made by others since all they do is cover your boat but when Steve makes a top there are so many little extra things he does to make it look unique and it fits tight and wrinkle free. I have had so many compliments on my new top and the people are just in awe when they see it since it stands out above the others. Thank you very much Steve we are extremely satisfied with everything you have done for us."
5 Stars
Larry Anders
"Long over due ,and I thought it important to let you know that,while I knew it was a job well done when I first saw it ,now that I have seen the work of others, I know it was an incredible job ,The difference is obvious,Hopefully I have shown someone that needs work done."
5 Stars
Phil Taylor